What to See in Poland

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland, and it is also the capital. The old part of the city is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. The city suffered for five decades under Nazi and then Soviet rule but has really come alive in recent years and the increasing influx of visitors has meant that it has an increasingly vibrant feel to the place.

There are now things to suit all tastes and temperaments. The nightlife in the city is now booming, but there are also enough historical buildings and cultural events to suit more sedate tastes. Lazienki Park is the ideal place for an evening strolls and here you will see some Lazienki Palace.

Many people claim that Krakow is the most beautiful city in Europe. It is the center of cultural life in Poland and it was the capital city of the country for over five hundred years. This is also the birthplace of Pope John Paul the second. Some of the most famous theatres in the country are located in Krakow and there are also 28 different museums and galleries. The old town is where most tourists congregate and there are some spectacular historical buildings that will provide plenty of photo opportunities. Krakow also has some nice markets where you can wander for a few hours. If you want some peace and tranquility in the city then you will want to visit Planty which is the largest park made up of 21 hectares.

Torun is in northern Poland and is a small city but with many charms. It is often claimed the Torun is as attractive as Krakow, but on a much smaller scale. Many of the buildings date back to the middle ages and there are also some Gothic churches. During the Second World War there was a lot of destruction throughout Poland, but Torun managed to escape most of this and so it is probably the best preserved city in the country.

Gdansk is situated at the mouth of the Mottawa River and the Baltic Sea. It is the fourth largest city in Poland. There is a real Dutch feel about the place and this can be explained by the fact that much of the architecture was created by builders from Flanders and the Netherlands. This has traditionally been the most important port on the Baltic Sea. It has changed hands between Germany and Poland on many occasions; the Germans refer to the city as Danzig. The city is also credited with being the birthplace of the Polish Solidarity movement which help end communism in Poland and nearby countries.

Zamosc is situated near the Roztocze National Park. This is not as popular as the other tourist destinations in Poland, but the beauty of the city makes it worth a visit. The old part of the city is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The above are just some of the places where tourists like to visit in Poland. There is plenty more to see off the beaten track, and it is suggested that you try one of these less well known locations during your visit so as to get a taste of real Poland.


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