Short Poland Travel Guide

What most of people know about Poland? Maybe the name of its capitol, some facts from its history or economic subjects, but do they know that Poland is one of the most interesting places in Europe? And also may be the most under appreciated destination on this continent?

This country is full of mysterious places, legends, myths. Each of the biggest towns and famous places in Poland is unique from a different reason. Sopot, Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane, every single is worth of visiting and spend a time in. What is so special about those places?

Starting from the Baltic sea we have Sopot. Sopot is the capital of Poland party life at the Baltic sea and it boats a very long pier. It offers over 10 km of white sandy beach that is dotted with bars and cafes. There are also cycle paths, beautiful promenades, parks and a forest next to the beach. But that’s not all. If you want to have even more relax you can try one of health spas in there or taste some of its nightlife. You won’t be defeated by its clubs and restaurants with finest cuisine from all of the world. And all of that at a very reasonable prices.

If you have enough of sand and sea you can move your steps down into the centre of Poland – to its capital, Warsaw. The first place to see there is of course Square Market that was rebuilt from scratch in 1950′ after it was gutted by Nazis during the World War II. A pastel-tinted masterpiece of reconstruction looks just like poetry. There are many cafes, galleries, shops and restaurants that offers original and tasty food as for example smoked fish from the lake region or a Polish-style duck. In one of the finest restaurants, Fukier, presidents George Bush and Jacques Chirac had there meals and admired the decor of this place. Every year Warsaw organizes international jazz festival held in the Palace of Culture and Science And the night life in Warsaw almost never ends.

On the south of Poland we have a town that is almost a legend. It’s Krakow. Mentioning all things that are worth to see in there would probably take centuries. But there are some things that you can’t miss. Just go to an Old Town and spend some time at the market place. You will feel this indescribable spirit. What’s more you will see the Wawel Castle there, with the Wawel Dragon, Barbican and Cathedral, and also most important educational institution there, in whole Poland as well, a Jagiellonian University. Krakow is also famous from an Auschwitz Camp that is situated near it. Over 60 years ago it was a place of mass murders and extermination of millions of people by Nazi Germans. Nowadays thousands of people every year are having tours there.

After you have seen the sea, spent some time at the cultural capitols of Poland there is time for you to visit Poland’s premier mountain resort that is Zakopane. It lies in a big valley between the Tatra Mountains and GubaBówka Hill (one of the most important alpine locations). Annually three millions of people go to Zakopane for skiing, hiking and camping – both at summer and winter time. A trip in Zakopane may start at Gubalowka Mountain from where you can have a view on Tatra’s as well as Zakopane and then go to see Krupowki – the main street of Zakopane were mountaineers offer the best products they have – cheese that is called ‘oscypek’ and soft woollen clothes . Because it has been enjoyed primarily by Poles and travellers from Eastern Europe the base of Zakopane hotels and restaurants is becoming bigger from year to year.


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