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Poland had witnessed a golden era under the dynastic regime of Jagiellonian in the sixteenth century. It was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and one of the first to adopt democratic governance. World War II has had devastating impact on its historical monuments coupled with Communist regime. Yet there are several places of historic importance that make Poland an interesting tourist spot.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is situated on the river Vistula, which is almost 370 KM from both the Baltic Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains. Even though Warsaw is a new city, it has number of tourist attractions. Royal Castle, King Zygmunt Castle and the Barbican further down south are some of the most notable landmarks in the Old town quarter. Warsaw university campus, Swiat Street and the presidential palace are some other notable places of historic importance.

Krakow, another major city of Poland, also has some really interesting landmarks. Krakow called as royal capital city of Cracow, is one of the largest and oldest cities of Poland. Krakow is called as the heart of Poland as it more then a thousand years old. This ancient city is famous for cultural, artistic and scientific center. Krakow receives almost 2 million tourists from around the world every year. It has some very beautiful landmarks like that of St Mary’s church, which sounds the trumpet from the main door of the church. Krakow also has 28 museums. It also boasts of Wawel Castle. The famous Corpus Christi Church, where Steven Spielberg filmed his movie Schildlers List is also situated in Krakow. Indeed Krakow is worth a place to visit.

Poznan is another city which has the Collegiate parish church and Town hall which is preserved as it was first constructed hundreds of years ago. Lodz, Lublin are simple and clean cities as these citied have few inhabitants. Opole Viovodship has attracted several foreign investors, making a great place to stay for business.

Poland tours provides an excellent oppurtunity for Tourists to see the country that once was, and now is so different because of development in the country.


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