About Poland and Attractions of Poland

Poland is situated in central Europe and bordered Germany to the west; Slovakia and Czech Republic to the south. Eastern and northern border is shared by the Belarus, Lithuania and Baltic Sea. Population of Poland is about 34 million and that makes it the 38th most populous country in the world.

Climate of Poland is oceanic; summers are quite warm and winters are really cold. Polish is the main language spoken in the Poland. The polish culture is very much centered on the family and it is really decent one. Polish food is quite different from other European countries and it will attract more tourists towards Poland.

Poland is full with wonderful attractions and few of them are –

· Krynica and Beskidy Mountains –

Krynica is a very nice spa town located 140 Km southeast of Krakow, with many Polish people going for health Spa’s and to drink the waters. There are different flavors of water of various springs. This is also known as the health spa as many patients were sent to this place for rehabilitation.

The mineral springs are used to cure diseases of stomach, diabetes, liver problems and pancreas. This is an amazing place to hang around.

· Wieliczka Salt Mine –

This is an impressive sight and about 15km away from the Krakow. The place has been mining salt over 700 years and it still produces the table salt.

· Zakopane –

Zakopane is an energetic premier winter sports resort of Poland and it is located in the Tatra Mountains. People come to this place especially in summers and this is fantastic place to spend weekend. Hotels in the place are really affordable and things attract to this place are mountain climbing, Horse riding and paragliding. Best place to spend couple of days for a relaxation.

· Masurian Lakes –

Amazing place for sailing fans, hikers, fishermen, cyclists and those who seek tranquility, the Masuria is the number one holiday destination. People enjoys there also historical sites apart from water sports.

· Warsaw –

It is the biggest business centre of Poland and the capital too. Warsaw’s vibrant business downtown takes pride in many skyscrapers and determined plans to build more. Tourists come across to this place in large numbers.

· Wroclaw (Breslau) –

This is an old town built on different islands connected by over 100 bridges. Apart from its unique location, Wroclaw amazes with a plenitude of Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture.


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