5 Fun iTunes Facts

If you are an entertainment guru (and who doesn’t love to be entertained?) why not get the app that makes it easy to have all of the music, movies, and TV shows that your heart desires at your fingertips and on your Apple device? Many people use iTunes and love every single minute of that use. Take a look at a few fun iTunes facts that you might like to know, then hurry on over to start your subscription as soon as you possibly can.

1.    Free Codes

Did you know that it is possible to get free iTunes gift card codes? Many are unaware of this fact, but the truth is still there. If you want to get free iTunes gift card codes and get your entertainment at no cost, complete an offer and you are well on your way to the savings and fun.

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2.    Downloading Daily

More than 30 billion songs have been downloaded using the iTunes app since the company first began several years ago. That is a lot of music-listening going on and that makes me happy!

3.    Get the Facts

When you use the iTunes app you have access to the best shows and music, but you can also learn about what’s hot and what’s not. There are many links that help you choose what is next on your list of things to do.

4.    Exclusive App

Many of the apps that you can get on iTunes are available only for the iOS device. If you are an Android user these are unavailable to you! It is nice to get your hands on an app that isn’t easily and readily available for everyone.

5.    Fun, Fun & More Fun

The iTunes app is a lot of fun to use day in and day out. No matter your gender or your age, you can enjoy the mix of great entertainment.